Thursday, January 30, 2014

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A witch hunt. Results for International business development travel take an incredible amount of time and effort, especially for public entities such as Bexar County. Most of the time it takes years for a project to develop, Years, literally. Especially if you have various other cities or counties as potential competitors plus no one knows you. It is next to impossible to have any immediate "expected outcome" from these trips. If you dont put your wares in front of the someone else will. The author cites Travis and Harris counties as not being able to recall an international trip. Dduuhh. These counties are magnets for foreign direct investment, industries and trade. They don't need to lift one finger. They are NOT the underdog. San Antonio is. And guess what? Most of the world has no clue where San Antonio geographically! When I go to China, I have a map in my breast pocket to which I point to everytime. Never fails. The only reference to San Antonio are the Spurs. Great. But no business.
The budget should double for this type travel, especially since the county has done an outstanding job in the automotive sector. The automotive sector in our region is skyrocketing and we need to be much more aggressive in being involved. But what do we do? We do the little crab dance and move backwards. But who gives a damn? We have the River walk.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


I hate it when venues close...

This is a big issue. These venues loose their leases and big developers come in with huge project or landlords jack up the rates to the stratosphere. This is also a big issue in restaurants. Just four days ago, a great authentic Mexican eatery in Stone Oak, CIELITO LINDO (loved their Caldo Tlapeño with three extra chipotles) was forced to close because the landlord jacked up their rates. The owners were not about to work for the landlord. And r...ight in the same retail center there is a new outstanding place called VIDA MIA. It took the owners awhile to get the place over the top and now they are sweating bullets.

Back to the music venues: same stuff happens in Mexico City. An iconic jazz club and bistro THE BLUE MONK by the Pemex Tower just shuttered their doors because the real estate owners wanted the property back for new development (This re-developed area will be known as POLANCO II). I understand business and profit, but there needs to be a middle ground is crushing culture.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Check this out.

Is the investment worth it? and it not about pre-clearing U.S. Customs anymore, It about Homeland Security Federal Inspections Services as a whole. and WHO will pay for that. The feds usually will say "GREAT," here's ouir monthly bill for our services. With a project like this, this can easily run into the millions per month. And WHO will pay for the construction of the pre-clearance center? Will the Mexico government invest in a pre-cealrnce center in SA. This is a two way street (pardon the pun).

Friday, November 8, 2013


The Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos is a business group located in San Antonio mostly made of Mexico national business leaders. It is chaired by my friend, +Eduardo Bravo.  Last night this organization hosted the Secretary of Economy of Mexico, Idelfonso Guajardo. My wife and I were privileged to be a guest of the AEM on such a distinguished evening. A packed house, sold out event where it was good to see old friends and pat many backs.

It is no secret that now more than ever Mexico plays a strategic role in trade not only in the NAFTA bloc but globally. A theme brought home by Secretary Guajardo. During the course of his presentation, he discussed how energy and manufacturing competitiveness were critical to the economic future of  Mexico and Texas, an intrinsic partnership no doubt. This is without question, especially with the reform packages that today go through the Mexico political system. Workforce development and logistics are a key component to all this. In reality, logistics is the basis of economic development. Without it, there would be no economic well being. The Secretary also talked about one of the most key topics which is regionalization. Regional project development and regional logistics are very deep economic development generators. The Mexico/Texas region is proof of this. Mind you, it is not northern Mexico alone but the country as a whole. Foreign direct investment (deep into the billions of dollars) representing a variety of industries has recently landed in the Corpus Christi, Texas area. This will have a healthy economic impact on Mexico and the same happens in reverse. In fact, I am the co-creator of a group called the South Texas Alliance for Regional Trade (S.T.A.R.T). It comprises the Port of Laredo, Port of Corpus Christi and Port San Antonio. The goal of this group is to promote economic development in the region.  If a project involves two of three ports then it is considered a success. This works.

With a behemoth supplier/customer immediately to the north, it is no surprise that north/central Mexico have reaped the benefits of this trading relationship. However, Mr. Guajardo pointed out, and rightfully so, that this economic flow has not been touching Southeast Mexico much, barely a trickle. This has been a concern as far back as I can remember. A region of vast natural resources and beauty, it represents some of the poorest areas of the country. The challenge is to bring the region to the economic standards that the rest of Mexico enjoys. These areas are oil rich which makes me think that foreign direct investment as a result of the energy reform may be one of the answers. This of course leads to infrastructure development. Southeast Mexico is geographically poised for potential seaport and supply chain infrastructure expansion. The port of Lázaro Cárdenas is a case in point. A port that has grown beyond expectations with state of the art equipment at world class standards. The development of logistics infrastructure in Southeast Mexico can only but help the development of trade with other markets in the Americas as well as other parts of the world. This is a key factor so as not to have a large piece of Mexico's trade and economic pie in the hands of one large trading bloc. Simply put: too many huevos in one basket. 

At the end of the day, economic prosperity for a nation is the most lethal weapon against violence and corruption.  Secretary Guajardo's message was clear: President Peña Nieto's administration is bringing Mexico up to par to compete efficiently in the global marketplace. A cause for optimism for the future of  North America.

Old posts are being deleted. Things have changed substantially in the world,. We are starting fresh.

I'm back!

Greetings. Now that I am no longer at Port San Antonio, I will be able to write again and post my views on trade and logistics and other topics. It was very difficult during my tenure at the port due to potential conflict of interest and other political blah blah. So, I will update the blog and my description and we will get started!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


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