Saturday, January 28, 2017

BUY USA... overseas

Sean Spicer has Athlete's tongue.

Trade deficits cannot be washed away with with a "border tax." this is an absolutely ridiculous notion. In the case of the United States the deficit is due more to the value of the dollar and oil prices.
Watch the trde deficit retract as oil prices g up and fossil fuels export volumes rise.

With this said, the U.S. should aggressively pursue the export of its energy products. And I mean aggressively. Which I am certain and confident will happen. In addition, the U.S. should continue to EXPAND the marketing of it products overseas. The Obama administration had a very successful campaign in this regard that should be expanded. I had a personal involvement in this with the DOC.

Instead of expanding the military, take some of the budget allocation for this and put those funds into U.S. goods & services promotion overseas. Expand the Foreign Commercial Service (FCS) and Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS). These services are part of the Department of Commerce and Dept. of Agriculture located at the embassies overseas.

Marketing and promoting the country's goods and services overseas is a great a thing. And fun to do!. Regretfully, under the the current environment this may be very hard to do. We are globally closing the doors on ourselves. #####

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